CED - Harahan


Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED), an electric equipment wholesaler, started in 1913 as Incandescent Supply. In 1957, the company changed its name to Consolidated Electrical Distributors. Through acquisitions, CED now has over 600 "profit centers," or independently operated locations distributing electrical products throughout the United States.

Each location in the CED family is operated as an independent profit center. This business model ensures that each PC can be sensitive to the individual needs of its local market, and has the ability to react as these needs change.

In 1987, CED acquired Customer Service Electric in Harahan, Louisiana. One year later, CED purchased Amfac Electric, also in Harahan. These two locations were then merged to create the CED-Harahan profit center.



Today, CED Harahan is one of the largest marine electrical suppliers on the U.S. gulf coast. We maintain large inventories of marine lighting, distribution, and control products in our 15k square foot facility. Our vendor partners, inventory, and the experience of our sales force are all geared toward serving this industry. Since 1988, CED has been supplying the electrical needs of shipbuilders, crane builders, boat operators, and offshore oil rigs throughout the gulf coast and beyond.

About Our Team

The CED team has extensive knowledge of the electrical products we stock, their usage, and application. Our sales staff has decades of experience serving the electrical needs of our customers.

CED trucks can deliver all along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Alabama, but our service extends across the globe. Quick delivery of in stock items can be made anywhere in the world you may find your ship.

CED is committed to "Serving" the offshore and inland marine markets "Reliably" and with "Integrity".